OVAL Solutions is operating on the market of international freight forwarding for more than 7 years.onemorecupofcoffee

You can count on professional support at all stages of transportation:

  • development of optimal delivery routes
  • honest rates
  • informational syupport
  • documentary service
  • consultation and assistance in customs clearance 

Focus on customers’ needs is the basic principle of OVAL Solutions.

Our team has years of experience in logistics and international transportation.

Individual manager, door to door service, minimization of transport costs, support in the preparation of shipping documents, information on all points of transportation – it is not a complete list of our daily offers to our customers.

Our customers know what is service with care, as we perform maximum of their work.

The list of our services is constantly increasing. With us you will surely gain a strategic partner for the long term cooperation that is constanly developing itself and helping to develop your business!